Photo's - 20th Anniversary

Activities in Beacon Hill Wood

The acquisition of Beacon Hill Wood has provided an opportunity for local people to take part in a wide range of activities.

Most activities are intended to enhance the wood in someway; pond clearing, brash removal, etc., and these provide an excellent excuse for some healthy exercise and a chance to get to know each other.

When a Beacon Hill Society member, or group of members, has a particular interest in a certain aspect of the wood, say, archaeology or wildlife, activities and projects can be arranged to further that interest. And it is hoped others will join in and benefit from the experience.

Beacon Hill Wood is a public place and available for everybody to use. Fresh ideas, suggestions and offers to organise appropriate events or activities are always welcome.

The following are some typical examples, click on the link and find out more;

Guided Walks where the public can learn more about the wood.

Hollow-way Clearing to provide a clear route for riders using the Right of Way.

Vintage Road-up Gang to show how roads used to be maintained.

Litter Clearing to help keep the wood tidy and looking its best.

Pond Clearing to maintain a valuable wildlife resource.

Brash Clearing to reveal archaeological features or assist wildflowers.

Horse Logging to thin the wood in sensitive areas.

Fungus Foray a guided walk to find and identify fungi.