Next Meeting and AGM – April 13th 2016

Hello one and All

I hope all is well ?

This is a little reminder that we are all due to meet in a few weeks time it is the AGM so please do try and attend as it is, as “they say” Your Society  🙂

We are meeting at the wonderful “Earth Science Centre”, Moons Hill Quarry, Stoke St Michael where are due to start the evening with a short talk by Mr Roy Vranch who would like to introduce us to the local geology of the area!

This talk will be followed by our AGM and I’ve been asked to remind everybody – please – that our annual subscriptions will be due – so have your £5.00 ready as Membership Secretary Mary Newman will be happy to receive your valuable contributions (other payment methods are available I believe).

Tea, Coffee and biscuits will be available and I don’t think you need your sleeping bags as we have booked the venue from 6.30-8.30 (or is it 9 ? – I need to double check 😉

Please do let us know what items you’d like to have on the agenda or what ideas you may have for Beacon Hill Society’s exciting year – 2016.