The Society

The Beacon Hill Society was formed in 1993 when the Forestry Commission put the 42 acres of Beacon Wood, near Shepton Mallet, up for sale. Local people from a wide range of diverse interests came together to see what they could do to safeguard their continued enjoyment of a popular area.

The Society successfully persuaded Mendip District Council to provide a grant to purchase the site, thereby recognising its value. To ensure the wood was kept in safe hands into the future, the Woodland Trust, a charity organisation with vast experience in woodland management, was chosen to be the new owners.

The Beacon Society continues to play its part in the management of the wood and to organise events and projects which promote its various aspects. The site has ancient roots and archaeological investigations are ongoing. Guided walks are held to explain the history of the place. Local people from a wide range of differing interests work together to ensure the special features of the wood are preserved for the future, and maximum benefit is enjoyed by all who visit today.

You are invited to join the Beacon Hill Society to help achieve these aims and ensure the public continues to have a voice in the way the wood is cared for.